RAB-Microfluidics identified an opportunity to revolutionise petroleum testing and analysis services by making conventional laboratory procedures mobile, rapid and routine. RAB-Microfluidics engaged with OGIC and collaborated with the University of Aberdeen as its academic partner.

Aubin identified an opportunity to transform Well P&A, by using chemical and material technology to create a rigless solution. Aubin approached OGIC and selected Heriot-Watt University as their academic partner.

Case Studies Flipbook

Our case studies Flip Book is now published. The Flip Book includes numerous examples of companies collaborating with Scottish Universities, alongside OGIC support, to complete innovative projects.

Exnics identified the need to develop a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to support its Hot Rings system which harnesses the heat from subsea pipelines and converts it into DC electrical power. Having approached OGIC, Exnics collaborated with Heriot-Watt University to develop a novel and bespoke TEG, integral to the Hot Rings device, with the overall aim of maximising electrical power output.

Kibosh Ltd engaged with OGIC to identify a University to undertake research on the design and application of its patented domestic pipe repair and freezing clamps for use in Oil & Gas, selecting Heriot-Watt University as their academic partner.

SDS Ltd. recognised the need for a testing programme to provide proof of concept and necessary data to build on and plan for next stage of development of their deployment vessel, engaging with OGIC to identify appropriate University expertise. The company selected the Department of Naval Architecture Ocean and Marine Engineering at the University of Strathclyde to verify their technology.

Varel engaged with OGIC and selected the University of Aberdeen as its academic partner to develop what would be a significant advance in drill bit design, offering cost benefits by reducing drilling time and maximizing bit life in exploration and development drilling.