The innovation landscape: less daunting than you may think

Engineer Alan Phillips recently had an idea which he thought could improve the efficiency of oil & gas well construction and ultimately enhance hydrocarbon recovery. OGIC and Robert Gordon University helped him to navigate the innovation landscape.

SBT Energy with University of Edinburgh

SBT Energy’s disruptive technology gives a range of new tools for the development of offshore projects, allowing new configurations and technical solutions for previously uneconomic developments. It worked with OGIC and University of Edinburgh to bring its smart buoy concepts closer to market.

DeltaTek Global with University of Aberdeen

Advanced downhole technology specialists DeltaTek Global identified an opportunity to enhance their patented QuikCure cementing process by developing a simulation tool. OGIC and the University of Aberdeen helped them take their idea further.

CorrosionRADAR with University of Strathclyde

OGIC is supporting CorrosionRADAR on two projects related to its novel Corrosion under Insulation monitoring technology. A project with University of Strathclyde focused on sensor manufacturing technologies and testing under simulated CUI conditions

OGIC views: 10 things to know about industry innovation

Dr Vahid Vaziri is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR) at the University of Aberdeen. He gave us his insights on working with industry on oil and gas research – advice we think is practical and valuable for researchers and businesses alike.

Kibosh Ltd with University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC)

The Kibosh Rapid Pipe Repair clamp was initially developed for domestic use and offers a quick and effective means of repairing a leaking pipe and accommodating leaking pipe fittings. Seeing an opportunity to adapt the clamp for use in the oil and gas sector, and thereby reduce downtime from loss of containment, Kibosh approached OGIC for helping in finding an academic partner.