In the Oil & Gas industry many businesses are creating innovative products and spending staggering amounts on developing new technologies. What many are not doing, however, is claiming the hundreds of thousands of pounds in R&D tax relief that they are entitled to. Here we look at who can claim and how to do it. … Continued

Intellectual Property or “IP” is an umbrella term for the four main rights that a company or organisation might hold and want to protect: patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.   Patents protect technical innovations provided that the innovation is new, non-obvious and capable of industrial application. Often it will be the main mechanism for protecting … Continued

Lindsay relocated back to Aberdeen in October 2014 where she became one of two project managers for OGIC. Back in 2004, having completed her PhD at St Andrews University and lectured for a year, Lindsay undertook a post-doctoral researcher position in Marine Geology at the ‘Institute of Geology’, University of Tromsø. Here in this arctic … Continued

OGIC Launch Event

OGIC’s official launch event was hosted by Hydro Group at their premises and had attendees ranging from SMEs and operators to universities and industry bodies. With several guest speakers, a facilities tour and the chance to network over canapés and wine, the event proved a great success and marked OGIC becoming well and truly open for business.

Aberdeen saw the official launch of its Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) Monday night with the new center saying that it is already seeing strong demand for its services.

OGIC is designed to provide a single access point to the knowledge and capabilities of Scottish universities for the oil and gas industry. It will also part-fund and provide management support to a range of projects that have the potential to deliver technology solutions to the exploration, production and decommissioning challenges facing the UK Continental Shelf.

The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) has officially launched in Aberdeen, expecting to exceed its target of supporting 100 technology-development projects in its first five years.

Chief executive Ian ­Phillips, who was appointed to the role in August, made the prediction and explained that OGIC provides a “one-stop shop,” set up to provide the oil and gas industry with single access to the knowledge and capabilities of Scottish universities.He stressed that OGIC is demand-led, and arose from the need to partner innovative ideas with best-in-class academic resource, connecting about 2,300 oil and gas operators and service companies with 12 Scottish universities and more than 450 academic staff and researchers.

State of the art technology is being bought for the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC), thanks to a £1.66m grant.
The award, from The Scottish Funding Council, will enable OGIC to purchase two pieces of cutting-edge equipment to support research and innovation in the sector.
This is on top of the £10.6 million already allocated to support demand led innovation between industry and Scottish Universities.

OGIC is a new Oil and Gas Innovation Centre set up to work with SMEs to deliver innovative solutions to the key challenges facing businesses operating in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). £10.6 million funding was approved by the Scottish Funding Council to create OGIC. Its role is to enable the development of new technologies which are needed to bring down operating costs, improve productivity in the UKCS and address innovation requirements in decommissioning.