Clay Mineralogy and its application to the oil industry


Course Details:

16th – 19th October 2018

9am – 5pm

The James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, AB15 8QH, Scotland


A course delivered by James Hutton Institute specialist staff with contributions by honorary associate Tony Fraser.


This course was designed for the oil industry to help understand the nature, properties, behaviour and occurrence of clays in the context of hydrocarbon exploration and production and to demonstrate in a practical way how clay minerals can be identified and characterised using the primary analytical techniques of X-ray powder diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy. Many people from other industries have attended the course (for example, from the bentonite industry) and found the content applies to them also.


Since 2011 courses have run successfully annually or biannually. The course recently ran for the tenth time in September 2017.


To find out details of the modules, and to register an interest to attend, please click here.



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