Exnics with Heriot-Watt University

Hot Rings Thermoelectric Generator (TEG)


Exnics is an award winning subsea technology company with a vision to provide the remote electrical power infrastructure necessary for the subsea digital oilfield. The business has a track record in developing, testing and qualifying new technologies, working closely with industry, government and academia.


Exnics identified the need to develop a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to support its Hot Rings system which harnesses the heat from subsea pipelines and converts it into DC electrical power.  This bespoke TEG would work specifically with the thermoelectric product, in turn improving the performance of the Hot Rings system in future deployment and increasing the range of applications where power from waste heat can be used.


Power generation at the point of use eliminates the need for expensive point-to-point power transmission.  The development of a bespoke TEG integrated with the Hot Rings system offers the potential to power subsea hardware independent of topside facilities.


Having approached OGIC, Exnics collaborated with Heriot-Watt University to develop a novel and bespoke TEG, integral to the Hot Rings device, with the overall aim of maximising electrical power output.


The research undertaken by Heriot-Watt University focused on establishing the optimum geometry, with the required plan profile, for the TEG module.  With the University having completed the modelling, the next stage will be to build a prototype, followed by field testing.


This technology provides an enabling platform for the next generation of subsea production systems which will be electrified and have a much smaller infrastructure footprint compared to legacy solutions.  In addition, it will supersede batteries as the micro power supply for remote digital systems.


“The OGIC model is one we think works very well indeed, it allows us temporary access to extremely specialised technical and scientific capabilities in order to crack a specific challenge.  The application process is painless and the project was executed in a collaborative and very informative manner.

Together we were able to find the answers that we needed and understand the reasons why.  OGIC is certainly a route to support we will use again in the future.”

Stu Ellison, Director, Exnics


“Our research base in applying materials’ innovations to enhance energy devices complemented the scope of the Exnics project.  We were able to establish the optimum geometry, which should significantly improve the power output of future versions of the TEG module.  

This project was rewarding for the team.  We worked on a project which may well define emerging power supplies in oil and gas.”

Nick Bennett, Assistant Professor, Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering, Heriot-Watt Uni



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