OGIC is an industry-focused broker linking industry needs to university capabilities and know-how, with strong industry representation on its Board and Project Review Panel.

OGIC will fund industry demand led projects that require innovative approaches that will be provided by Universities.


  • Early Stage Assistance: providing a quick, low cost route to sponsor potential ideas/concepts.
    Funding available = 50% of projects <£40k
  • Project funding: for larger projects to deliver market-ready commercial solutions.
    Funding available = up to 50% of projects >£40k (up to £150k, depending on project scale).
  • Fast Track option for companies wishing to identify suitable academic partners and 100% fund projects.

Where the application for funding is successful, please note that funding is placed directly with the University partner and not with the company.

Should a company be unable to, or the project not be appropriate for OGIC funding, OGIC will also signpost companies to identify other possible sources of funding through collaborative partners.


Get in touch to find out more: info@ogic.co.uk