Funding Opportunity for Innovative Manufacturing – Circular Economy Investment Fund

Zero Waste Scotland are currently inviting applications from manufacturers and service providers for projects as part of the wider £18m Circular Economy Investment Fund. The company is looking for projects that drive forward innovation through manufacturing processes and services that achieve material, energy and business savings through sustainable, low carbon business models.

The circular economy is about getting the most value from resources, and from a manufacturing perspective it’s about looking beyond production and immediate savings to rethinking the whole manufacturing value chain.


Zero Waste Scotland can fund a diverse range of projects in areas such as:

  • Re-use and repair
  • Collaborative business models, e.g. business hubs for shared equipment
  • 3-D printing/additive manufacturing processes to enable local repair services and create self-sufficiency
  • Designing and manufacturing of modular products for easy maintenance and repair
  • Remanufacture
  • Replacing products with services, and developing new, circular service


The deadline for stage 1 application form is 12th September 2017. Successful applicants will then be invited to a second stage before funding is awarded.


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