H2O conference 2019

AIA will lead a delegation, under the ‘Scotland is Now’ banner, to the H20: Home to Overseas conference 2019. It takes place in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 5-7 June.

Any Scottish companies or organisations with a presence in Scotland are eligible to participate with the group. AIA has managed to secure an element of funding as well as preferential rates for the event, and assistance with travel expenses.

AIA will also be working with the organisers on some B2B meetings and the possibility of group appointments/site visits to organisations of interest.

The conference and showcase offer a great opportunity to establish partnerships with Canadian organisations as well as identify potential customers. There is a major push on international collaboration in Canada just now with the establishment of the Oceans Supercluster, developing a supply chain for offshore wind projects in the US, ongoing wave and tidal projects, as well as major offshore oil and gas projects in Newfoundland and Labrador.

If you’re an oil and gas company and want more information about the opportunity, we can put you in touch with AIA. To find out more about H20 2019, take a look at http://www.h2oconference.ca

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