KTN challenges: oil & gas expertise sought

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has released its first KTN-iX challenges in nuclear decom and is specifically asking for oil & gas expertise in several areas. You can click on the bullet points below for more information on each challenge.


What is KTN-iX?

KTN-iX (KTN-innovation eXchange) is a cross sector programme supporting innovation transfer by matching industry challenges to innovative companies from other sectors. It does this through putting large businesses with technical needs in contact with companies who have the right innovative solutions, for faster development of novel solutions.

You can get information on current KTN-iX challenges, including a useful countdown on the number of days left to apply for each one, at https://www.ktninnovationexchange.co.uk/challenges/

Among them are four live challenges on OWiX (the Offshore Wind innovation eXchange). OWiX is an innovation platform that solves offshore wind industry challenges by running competitions to connect solution providers in different sectors directly with offshore wind industries. These challenges represent great opportunities for companies to get their innovative solutions in front of operators.

The challenges are:

  • removal of bio fouling on the TP ladder
  • new offshore lift solutions for medium-sized components
  • improved data for subsea survey
  • improved bolt torqueing efficiency and data.

Click on the link above for more details.

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