Latest opportunities for businesses

OGIC regularly circulates opportunities for oil and gas businesses, and there have been a number of new calls and challenges recently. Not all are specifically oil and gas related, but they’re in sectors or technologies where oil and gas expertise may well be relevant. As such, there could be good opportunities for our contacts.

Subsea 7 has put up four challenges on NineSigma. They relate to:

  • control of weld start/stops in pulsed gas metal arc welding
  • fully automated inspection of girth welds in metallic pipelines
  • tagging and identification of components in harsh environments
  • automated clamping of pipelines for welding

Details, including deadlines, are available here.

The Energy Innovation Centre is looking for innovative ideas and technologies for a number of water and energy challenges. Information on current calls can be found here.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) Phase 2 competition is seeking proposals for novel and innovative technologies and approaches to enable UK Defence to effectively conduct electromagnetic (EM) operations across the air, land (urban and rural), sea, space and cyber domains. More information on the competition – excellently titled ‘The Invisible Battlespace’ – is available here.


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