MSc Oil & Gas Engineering Dissertation Projects: Available to Companies

Does your company have a project that could benefit from approximately 12 weeks of high quality research and development resource at no direct cost?


The Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC), working together with the University of Aberdeen, the coordinating university for the MSc in Oil & Gas Engineering, is seeking companies willing to provide a short project or feasibility study for an enrolled student.


Students with a first degree in Chemical/Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Petroleum Engineering or Mathematical or Physical Sciences with experience are admitted into the degree of MSc Oil and Gas Engineering.  Full time campus based students undertake the programme for one year, divided into three terms.  During May-August, students undertake an independent work for 12 weeks during which they intend to apply their skills to a practical problem related to the oil and gas industry and submit their findings in the form of a written dissertation.  The dissertation is worth one-third of total credits for the MSc programme.


University encourages industrial partnership for the dissertations wherein, the industry can bene fit from the skills of our students and the students can benefi t by gaining industry experience.  These projects could stimulate the development of new products or services for your company, advance stalled R&D activities where in-house resource is not available or accelerate existing innovation/technology programmes.


Depending on the company’s resources, the work can be carried out in the student’s host university under the control of an academic supervisor and in collaboration with the industrial partner proposing it.  The company providing the project can provide supervision as required, with a wide range of involvement being considered.


Full details and guidelines about this exciting opportunity can be found here.


If your company has an approximately 12 week project which could be allocated to one of the MSc students, please contact the project coordinator for MSc Oil & Gas dissertations: Dr Amer Syed (



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