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Craig Lindsay

Core Specialist Services


A geologist by background, Craig has around forty years of experience in the core analysis industry.  After eighteen years working in the lab, Craig joined Helix RDS consultancy in 2002 before founding Core Specialist Services in 2010, a consultancy specialising in the planning, design and management of core based studies.

Craig served as President of the Society of Core Analysts from 2012-13.

Craig is working on an innovation project which previously received funding via OGIC for successful proof of concept testing.

PRP relevant expertise in:

  • Routine and special core analysis
  • Formation damage analysis
  • General Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Low salinity EOR
  • Coring technology
  • Shale gas
  • Formation evaluation
  • Saturation height modelling
  • Carbonates and carbon capture core studies