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David Dent

IAS Group


After serving an engineering apprenticeship in New Zealand, David completed various mining contracts in Australia and Zambia before moving to Aberdeen in 1979.  Circle Offshore was established in 1984 specialising in mixed gas diving systems support.  This evolved into Circle Technical Services expanding into the USA and Australia before acquisition by Proserv in 2005.  David held a number of senior positions before retiring in 2014.

Building on his international sales & marketing expertise, David now works for IAS Group based in Perth Australia assisting them to develop their subsea engineering services business outside of the Asia Pacific region.  He was a director of Decom North Sea for 6 years.

PRP relevant expertise in:

  • Subsea tooling involved in asset life extension, maintenance and decommissioning.
  • Development of new product lines including water abrasive cutting, friction stud welding, pipe coating removal and dredge systems.