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John Harris

Energy Harvest

A leader and company builder with almost 4 decades of oil & gas industry experience. Initially with Schlumberger Wireline in technical and operational leadership positions, established Read Well Services in 1990, developing new seismic and cased hole technology to exploit a niche in the market. John served as VP of Transocean, involved in drilling and well services and in 1997 became a partner in the subsurface consultancy, RDS. Appointed President of Baker Hughes’ reservoir based activity in 2009 and subsequently President of Gaffney, Cline & Associates.

John has a BSc in Engineering Science and is a long term member of the SPE, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators and the Institute of Directors.

PRP relevant experience in:

  • Open and cased hole logging tools & technology
  • Reservoir characterisation
  • Perforating systems
  • P&A systems and techniques
  • Coiled tubing drilling systems
  • Digital oilfield
  • Borehole seismic systems
  • Shale technology
  • Marginal field development
  • Production optimisation