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Richard Neilson

University of Aberdeen


Richard has a mechanical engineering background, with extensive experience of applied research and working with the oil and gas sector through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and joint industry projects.

He has also published extensively on modelling dynamic systems, non-linear dynamics and vibration and in the application of these areas along with design to solve industrial problems.

His recent work has focused around novel methods for underwater cutting and lifting for the decommissioning of offshore structures.

Richard was one of the instigators of, and now lectures on, the world’s first and only Master’s degree in decommissioning oil rigs, platforms and offshore structures launched by the University of Aberdeen in 2017.

Richard has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, an MSc in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering all from the University of Dundee.

PRP relevant expertise in:

  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater lifting
  • Decommissioning
  • Dynamics and vibration
  • Mechanical Engineering