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Richard Woodhouse

Dundas Consultants


A Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, a petroleum economist and manager with over 20 years oil and gas experience gained in consultancy companies and operating companies (mainly Shell), Richard has held increasingly senior management roles since 2006, but throughout, has continued to spend the majority of his time carrying out technical work and originating project deliverables.  Richard also has experience of managing large studies and complex projects.

Combining engineering and project management with petroleum economics gives Richard a strong bottom line focus and he is consistently able to identify and capitalise on opportunities to create value.  Richard founded Dundas Consultants in September 2011 which he has grown to 20 staff at its peak, with 40 E&P company customers and cumulative revenue of £9 million.

PRP relevant expertise in:

  • Process and facilities design
  • Multiphase flow
  • Process simulation and optimisation
  • Field development
  • Subsea engineering
  • Production chemistry