OGIC supports new project on simplified well plug & abandonment

Clearwell Technology is developing a high energy thermal device, Therm-X-Mill®, for downhole, in situ removal of production tubing components. The technology eliminates the requirement to recover the completion string out of the well during P&A.

Deployed through tubing, via conventional well intervention methods, Therm-X-Mill® enables rigless P&A, offering significant cost reductions. The underlying core technology is proven in industry, and this novel adaptation for its use in oil and gas decommissioning applications offers cost savings.

Initial prototype testing has confirmed process viability.  Now the research will focus on the validation of the thermal process in well bore conditions.

This stage of research, supported and co-funded by OGIC, in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), is being undertaken by the Chemical Engineering team at the University of Strathclyde.  They are developing a model for the Therm-X-Mill® to better understand its operation, optimise its performance, and to propose experimental tests.

The technology development plan incorporates field trials leading to commercialisation within one year to 18 months.



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