SSE Open Innovation Challenges

SSE has issued six Open Innovation Challenges which present good opportunities for Scottish companies. All relate to offshore wind operations, but many of the issues are common to oil and gas, so the challenges are worth exploring.

Each challenge is worth approximately £1 million, and SSE will decide challenge by challenge what route might be agreed with the solution provider – for example, whether it will be a collaboration, licence agreement, etc. Below is a summary of each challenge – click on each link for more details. You can also get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss further.

Deadline for proposals to reach SSE is 31 July 2019.


The six challenges

Offshore wind generation remote supervision and maintenance support challenge. To develop, source or adapt technologies that would allow the efficient and reliable transmission of video, AR, camera, audio and data in real-time, from an offshore wind turbine to an onshore location.

Predictive maintenance for offshore wind generation electronic converters challenge. The challenge is to develop a predictive maintenance process that will significantly reduce unplanned maintenance of offshore wind generation electronic converters.

Off-shore wind turbine access ladder maintenance challenge. Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) Fenders damage the coating of access ladders leading to corrosion. It’s currently difficult to replace coatings due to rise and fall of sea levels. The solution needs to address how best to carry out corrective maintenance on existing operational turbine in situ ladders, and also how to implement enhanced preventative maintenance to extend the asset life

SSE islooking for remote turbine inspection solutions following Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) alarms. The challenge is to develop a mechanism that provides adequate assurance that, after a false positive alarm, the turbine can be reset following remote investigation

Can you minimise the costs, health and safety risks and turbine downtime associated with spare parts operations and maintenance (O&M). To find a way to deliver spare parts that are only identified as being needed once offshore so that SSE can facilitate a single visit same day repair.

Non-invasive methods needed to identify the need to torque wind turbine bolts. The challenge is to develop and identify a non-invasive method to determine if a bolt needs to be torqued. The method must be suitable for both offshore and onshore wind turbines, and the information gathered should build up a picture of areas where bolt torqueing is more likely to be needed, so that maintenance schedules can be targeted more efficiently.


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