Wave Energy Scotland – Call for Quick Connection Systems

Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has launched a funding call for quick connection systems. The call is particularly relevant for companies with capability in offshore connections using electrical infrastructure and mooring line.

The new programme will support projects for the design and development of a remotely operated, rapid connection/disconnection system for wave energy converters, with the aim of reducing the duration, cost and risk of offshore operations. Such a system will be an integral element of the mooring system, the electrical system, or both. In this case, the electrical system is expected to include the provision for wired communications within the electrical cable.

Development of this system must consider the unique challenges of wave energy, including operations in energetic, epipelagic environments, and balancing the impacts of the connector on the system dynamics and energy yield. The time on site and vessel requirements must also be considered. The expected end users of the technology developed through this programme are likely to be prototype developers and test centres, rather than developers of commercial scale arrays.

Successful applicants to the call will undertake a feasibility study on their proposed technical solution in Stage 1, followed by the design and analysis of this technical solution in Stage 2 and build & test in Stage 3.

Contracts for Stage 1 projects will be up to £70,000 + VAT.

The call closes on 16 September 2019. Further information and the application process can be found here.


Call for external assessors

WES has also issued a call for suitably qualified and experienced external assessors to provide technical expertise during the assessment of applications to the call above.
The call closes on 17 September 2019. Further details are available here.



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