Xi Engineering with Robert Gordon University

OGIC Project Case Study: Xi Engineering with Robert Gordon University

Advanced Particle Damping (APD) solutions for smallbore pipework


Xi Engineering are experts in solving noise and vibration issues across industrial sectors.  Their proven Advanced Particle Damping (APD) technology is used on large MW class wind turbines to resolve resonance issues over a broad (40-1400 Hz) range delivering reduced noise from MW scale generator by removing energy at source.


Xi Engineering’s wind energy experience, combined with client input, identified a potential solution to a related issue within oil and gas.  Namely, flow induced main line vibrations causing high cycle fatigue in small bore pipe connections and cantilever valves.  Ageing assets can exacerbate the issue due to changing flow rates and previous fatigue exposure.  This vibration has the potential to result in fatigue failure and containment loss of hydrocarbons.  Xi needed to test APD effectiveness below 40Hz to prove the concept for application on small bore pipework.


“A one-size-fits-all damper would have significant impact on how pipework fatigue is addressed in the oil and gas sector.  It would eliminate problem vibration issues and reduce fatigue failure, resulting in the life extension of pipeline components.  These factors, combined with the reduced risk of hydrocarbon release, would deliver commercial and safety benefits.”

Mark-Paul Buckingham, Xi Engineering


Xi Engineering engaged with OGIC to prove the concept and selected Robert Gordon University as its academic partner.


RGU’s School of Engineering developed an experimental set up of a pipe rig and undertook testing of Xi Engineering’s damping devices.  This analysis quantified the damping effect and correlating maximum stress values for each frequency, thus identifying the operating frequency range of the APD.


“The next stage of the project will be to undertake field trials and design for manufacturing.”

Mark-Paul Buckingham, Xi Engineering



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